Wednesday, March 20, 2019

NO WORDS ISFF in Ptolemaida, Greece
Ptolemaida (GreekΠτολεμαΐδαtranslit. Ptolemaïda)  is a city known for its coal (lignite) mines and its power stations

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Thank you for interesting in our festival. Please check the posts bellow for more information!

Rules & Terms No words ISFF

Rules & Terms
We are looking for short films with no dialog at all... 
with maximum duration 5 minutes long - including credits! 
Fiction, experimental, video art, animation are all welcome. 
We don't accept music video clips and advertises. 
Films entered must have a production date 2016 or later. 
The selected films will be screened in .mpg4 format. 
Our judges will value the artistic quallity and emotional impact.

Submissions must include: 
* name and nation of the director. * short synopsis 
* running time * genre

Films can be sent digitally ONLY through 

*** Call for entries from 2th of October ***

"No words short film festival" is an international and independent film festival based in Ptolemaida, Greece. Our mission is to bring in films projects from ALL over the globe. With no spoken words and under 5 minutes long! 
The event will take place in our theater called "Vorio Pedio" with capacity 70 seats. We will choose around 20 movies (60-80 minutes) for a great night of cinema with no words!
The event will take place in 23th of December 2018.
For any changes we will inform you ASAP.

**The selected films will be announced around 15th of December**


Films can be sent digitally through or by attaching Vimeo link with password to our email (
Late Deadline: November 10, 2018
The event will take place on 23th of December! For any change in the timetable of the Festival we will inform all the directors.